How to Start Your Own Internet Business With Little Or Zero Capital

One of the greatest revolutions of our time is all businesses small and great going online. Have you ever thought of starting your online business but don’t know how to start or where to start from?

Maybe you have heard of people making millions of dollars daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly from the internet without you understanding how it could be possible.

Another case may be those in search of financial freedom and how to quit that frustration sticking 9 to 5 job with your boss always looking from your shoulder on how good or poor is your performance for the day.

Gone are days of starting business with very huge capitals and great business proposals. It is not mandatory any more to have business office, storefront, or factory to start your own dream business. Now, people are finding it harder everyday to step out of their living before getting all their essential needs.

All they need do is to put on their PC, connect to the internet, search out whatever need on the search machine, place their order, and have it shipped to whatever address they are. What a simple world! I can get all I needed from my bedroom. Anything under the sun can be sold and bought on the internet.

Advantages of Starting internet Business:

*Very low or Zero start up capitals.

Today’s government and schools are making it mandatory for all the staffs and students to be computer literate and internet compliant. These have forced the government and schools to provide computers and internet connectivity to major schools and offices. The majority of staffs and students are trained free on how to use the computer and the internet service. That is a great investment on you.

Apart from government, most home today are having PC for family use. Churches, mosque, and even shrines today are using computer with internet connection. That is to say PC is a common thing to get nowadays. We are in the era of having a computer, an internet service provider (ISP), an email address, and even having a Blog has become very essential as food, water, and air.

Option A:

If you happen to be among those having free computer and internet services in your office or school, start your internet business immediate. All you need do, is to get one or two training manuals on internet marketing and start from there. Well, some of the ebooks are junks’ but you can get a quality manual with mentorship at a very affordable fee.

Option B:

If it happens that you don’t have an office or school internet centre, you can go for the option B called cyber Cafe. All over the world today, we have cyber cafe everywhere even to villages. Depending on the area and the standard of the cyber cafe, to browse the internet for one hour is raging from 70naira to 150naira per hour in Nigeria or 0.46cents to $1 per hour in US Dollars. If you should have 4hours daily for your internet Business, it will cost you 280naira everyday or $1.85 every day on your business.

It is 8,400naira or $55.5 monthly investment on your online business. If you have the right Niche at hand, this 8,400naira or $55.5 can earn you 225,000naira or $1,500 monthly. If you count the cost and the margin of the internet and the offline business, you will know that internet business is the millennium revolution.

Option C:

If you want to be in total control of your internet business, option C should be your best option if and only if you can afford it. This option, you will need to buy your own PC or Laptop, and get your own internet service provider (ISP). At this point, you are in total control of your internet business.

You don’t have fear of after office hour where will you go. You don’t have fear of cafe not working some weekends. At this point, your office can be your bedroom, seating room, farm, even the beach. I started my internet business with option B as a cafe boy but to I browse from the comfort of my bedroom.

With 80,000naira i.e. $530 budget you can get your own brand new laptop and a Broadband MODEM here in Nigeria. The laptop will cost you 60,000naira or far less than that if you are going for the cheap ones. The MODEM will cost you 20,000naira or cheaper than that based your choice of network.

With the advent of telecommunication industries, GSM phones are making internet access easier every day. You can now use your phone as MODEM and your phone service provider as your ISP. Whatever the budget here, 80,000naira not pay rent of your storefront for one year but can set up your online business for life. Therefore, internet business is the cheapest business you can ever start.

*World Wide Access

The internet exposes you to the world. People can access your business from any part of the world. This is one of the advantage those ancient and orthodox business never hard. Today, 99% of business owners in united state are going online. You don’t need to travel to US, UK, Europe, Asia, and Africa before doing business with them.

You can sell or buy from any of these continents even if you are living in Sahara desert. All you may need is just to Register Domain Name and Hosting for one year which may not cost you more than 5,000naira i.e. $34.

What do you think if the 6 billion people in world will go online and you have a $10 product that 1billion people are desperately looking for? One day, you will wake up $10billion rich.

* Zero or little Business Discriminations

The internet has broken the ethnic barriers and racial discriminations in business. You don’t need to know who you are selling to or who buying from, all that matters on the internet is the quality of services rendered. It doesn’t matter either the man is black, white, yellow or red man. All that matters is the service needed and the service provided.

Some people may blacklist some country but that does not make everybody in that country fraudulent.

* Work from anywhere

Another powerful advantage of internet Business is the Work from Home, Work from Beach, Work from your hotel room, Work while traveling, even Work while you sleep if you are using autopilot system and software. No more working 9am to 5pm in that congested office space with a nagging boss looking from your shoulder. You are your own boss in internet business but if you lost focus, the internet will become your boss. Be focused and discipline.

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